Math, Computer and Information Sciences

Location: Classroom Building (CRB)
Phone: 662-254-3422

As a member of the department, students are eligible to participate in the mathematics, computer and information sciences club. The goal of the club is to successfully encourage all students and staff to work together with each other and establish communication among other students and faculty.

  • Lee Redmond | Primary


  • Marcus Golden | Secondary


  • Onyebuchi Oparandu | President

    Computer Science and Mathematics | Senior

  • KaLise Williams | Vice President

    Computer Science | Freshman

  • Destiny Malone | Secretary

    Math Education | Senior

  • Chante Ray | Treasurer

    Computer Science | Freshman

  • Oluwasey (Joseph) Adeniran | SGA Rep

    Computer Science and Mathematics | Senior

  • Nankecia Bell | Miss MCIS

    Mathematics Education | Senior

  • Albert Jackson | Mr. MCIS

    Mathematics and Mathematics Education | Senior